When Your Biggest Writing Fears Come True

On those moments when every insecurity surfaces.

Fear #1: No one reads it

The title isn’t optimized. The content is too niche. The content is too broad. I could have used more keywords. For whatever reason, there are some articles that no just no one reads. They miss the mark. Maybe it’s a busy news day, or perhaps it’s just because it doesn’t stand out enough among the mass of other articles, but some articles just don’t get read.

Fear #2: No one cares.

What’s worse than pouring your heart and soul into a piece of writing and having no one read it? People read and go, “meh.” It’s weird when you see engagement on an article but get no social proof or validation.

Fear #3: People will use my words against me

Vulnerability is relatable. People love hearing things that went wrong for other people or how people are dealing with hard times because it makes them feel better about their situations. It makes them seem less alone in the world. But sometimes, people want to make you feel worse about your situation bu offering up unwarranted advice or straight up telling you you’re wrong. Like when I wrote an article about getting ghosted by a client and then one delightful woman commented on my article that I probably deserved it because I didn’t get my punctuation right.

Fear #4: I’m not a good writer

What if I’ve been fooling everyone this whole time. What if I’ve just skirted by tricking everyone into thinking I’m a real writer when I have no idea what I’m doing. Maybe no one is reacting to my content because I’m not even a real writer and I’m just another entitled millennial babbling on the internet about how I’m scared and sad.

When the fear surfaces, you have a few options:

a) Give up, or b) Shake it off and keep writing.

Occasional writer, and serial project-starter/abandoner. I have a lot of feelings. I also have a newsletter: sarahaboulhosn.com/newsletter

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