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Occasional writer, and serial project-starter/abandoner. I have a lot of feelings. I also have a newsletter:
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I was and still am a skeptic of manifestation and visualization tactics. Mostly because I see people using them as a type of “hack.” A way to make them feel good about themselves and their future without ever taking any real action beyond writing down the things that they want.

My cynicism would tell me that there is no way it’s that easy.

Sure, there is power is writing, but I was a believer that you need to work hard to achieve the things you want in life. And very adamant that shortcuts didn’t exist.

I’ve been journaling almost as…

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I saw a video the other day discussing the best ways to build an audience as a content creator. The main advice was to pick a niche, stick to that niche and never deviate otherwise risk losing your audience’s attention.

This made me sad.

As someone who’s thrown themself into projects in virtually every niche under the sun, it makes me feel like I’ll never build an audience because I just can’t niche down. Ok, it’s less that I can’t, and more that I just don’t want to.

I feel so much resistance towards the idea of putting myself in…

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I recently finished reading The Practice by Seth Godin which is all about getting into the habit of putting your creative work out into the world, whether you think it will get the response you’re looking for.

One of my biggest takeaways is that getting into the habit of putting in the time to work on your craft while letting go of the external expectations you have about what it means to be good at it.

For me, that means writing more instead of thinking about how my writing will be perceived or comparing it to other people’s writing.


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I’ve tried more productivity apps than I can count. I’m a sucker of an app that promises to change the way that I work and keep me more organized. But jumping from app to app, tool to tool tends to defeat the purpose of staying more organized. Every time I have to start over on a new platform, I lose the momentum I had built on the previous one. The result is a disorganized mess of to-do lists that I can’t keep track of.

Through every new tool I try, there was one that acted as a sort of baseline…

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There was a time in my freelance writing career where I was writing 3 articles per week for 3 different clients. On top of that, I was also publishing 3–4x per week on my blog. Managing all of these projects was pure chaos. I always met my deadlines, but my process for getting everything done was a mess. I planned my days like this: Wake up, check which deadline was coming up first, work on that thing until I was too burnt out to function, then decide what I “felt” like working on next.

My routine was purely reactive to…

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As humans, we’re naturally inclined to look for reasons to keep ourselves safe. Our brains are conditioned to fear the unknown and look for safety in things that we find comfortable and familiar.

For years, I struggled with feeling “stuck” in my life and not knowing how to deal with these emotions. I knew what I needed to do to achieve my goals, but the minute I tried to take the necessary steps to achieve them, I was overcome with overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety. …

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People create content because they want others to see it. For a while, I was a “build it (and build it well), and they will come” type of person. I thought all I had to do was write what I thought was good content, and that was enough. Instead, I heard crickets and felt endless amounts of resentment towards the people who actually promoted their work. Let’s face it. No one wants to spend hours crafting an informative and valuable piece of content only to let it disappear into the abyss of the internet because it gets no traffic.


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Breathwork has been a journey for me. The more I practice, the more I feel its effects compound within me. I feel a little better every time. Not only has it been a practice in controlled breathing but it’s increased my self-awareness of how and when I breathe. Since incorporating breathwork into my day-to-day, I can honestly say that I feel more confident, grounded and calm. (All feelings which can be pretty hard to come by these days.)

What is breathwork exactly?

Breathwork is any type of intentional, controlled breathing exercise. …

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The last time I logged in to my student loan dashboard, my amount owed read $0. Not because I had paid it off. On the contrary, I had neglected to acknowledge this debt in over a year. So my accounts were turned over to a collection agency. Earlier that year, I also missed a handful of credit card payments, maxed out my accounts, and found myself jobless, clientless, and feeling rather hopeless.

That month, my credit score dropped over 100 points and I had no one to blame but myself.

I‘ve always had a complicated relationship with money

For most of my life, I believed that talking about…

Six weeks ago, I had a plan. A content calendar for an entirely new direction I wanted to take with my writing. I was stoked. It was the first time I had felt inspired in months, and I woke up excited to start executing. I worked on outline after outline, trying to get my messaging right. I spent days relentlessly trying to find the right words to introduce it to my audience. Forcing back the imposter syndrome so I could power through this boost in momentum.

Then, about a month ago, everything changed. A new C-word infiltrated the news cycle…

Sarah Aboulhosn

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