Occasional writer, and serial project-starter/abandoner. I have a lot of feelings. I also have a newsletter: sarahaboulhosn.com/newsletter
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I was and still am a skeptic of manifestation and visualization tactics. Mostly because I see people using them as a type of “hack.” A way to make them feel good about themselves and their future without ever taking any real action beyond writing down the things that they want.

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I’ve tried more productivity apps than I can count. I’m a sucker of an app that promises to change the way that I work and keep me more organized. But jumping from app to app, tool to tool tends to defeat the purpose of staying more organized. Every time I…

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There was a time in my freelance writing career where I was writing 3 articles per week for 3 different clients. On top of that, I was also publishing 3–4x per week on my blog. Managing all of these projects was pure chaos. I always met my deadlines, but my…

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As humans, we’re naturally inclined to look for reasons to keep ourselves safe. Our brains are conditioned to fear the unknown and look for safety in things that we find comfortable and familiar.

For years, I struggled with feeling “stuck” in my life and not knowing how to deal with…

Six weeks ago, I had a plan. A content calendar for an entirely new direction I wanted to take with my writing. I was stoked. It was the first time I had felt inspired in months, and I woke up excited to start executing. I worked on outline after outline…

Sarah Aboulhosn

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